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the beyoncé challenge:

[1/6] favorite lyrics: That’s Why You’re Beautiful

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the beyoncé challenge:

[3/3] favorite live performances: The Super Bowl (2013)

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Naomi photographed by Mert and Marcus, Interview Magazine September 2014

Even miracles take time.

"Intimacy takes work, trust, wounds, hurts, sculpting in the dark: and that takes time. It takes more than a single chance. Of course we can close the doors, at any second, when we know it just won’t work. But there are many opportunities if we had trusted a little longer, reset the tempo, and spoke up louder: it would’ve been okay. Bridges would be built. New stories are made. You find your hand closing around theirs. They begin to traverse the folds of your heart with ease, and they learn to say those things which give life, which give freedom, which grow dreams. Intimacy is formed out of stumbling, but further down the path: there is so much light, so much laughter, so many steps to the horizon together."

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Dreams are just a step away. 

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Anna @ Chanel Fall 2010 Couture